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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Paint Faces With Pencil

For most novice painter rather difficult when face painting faces for describing the contents of the mind or one's heart's content as people are smiling, anger, hate, revenge, sullen, happy, and so on.

Draw or paint a face than as a hobby can also be useful for the development of visual abilities in drawing a realistic object, such as human objects or other three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional plane.

There are two kinds of drawing a face, the first is the face in the image to move the image area as closely as possible and the second move the faces in the photo to the image plane only by taking the essence of a face to be drawn. In the first case required careful visual capabilities as well as a basic knowledge of the anatomy of the human face. While in the second case than has visual ability and anatomical knowledge of the face, also required the ability to read the character of the object.

Here are some ways to paint the face with a pencil:

1. Determine Themes

when you want to paint your face that you have to make sure the face images, whether a face smile, frown, and so on. Additionally specify your face painted lacquer it is male or female is an adult, teenager or child. If you have determined the theme of the painting then you just use your instinct to paint.

2. Select Model

For example, if you want to paint people who are sad, then you should look for a model that can act sad face. Then you should be able to establish good communication with your models.

3. Create Sketch

Make Sketch is very important so that your face can be accurate picture. Make Sketch face first, especially in the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks. Because in those parts that can describe the feeling of someone.

4. Note Object

To simplify the process of drawing, it is advisable to accustom our eyes to see the object to be drawn, in this case a face to be drawn. Laying objects to be drawn should also adjacent or as if adjacent to the image plane. Direction we should always move from field to field image object.

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